Sunday, January 14, 2007

Short-lived Popularity

This highly entertaining prize, won by our friend Mr. Zachary, sat at our house for 18 hours. We have never been more popular. Sadly, when it left, our popularity left with it. Now Zach gets to be popular and we're back to being nobody.

Maybe you've read about Digicel in Haiti. Back at this post we determined that even in the developing world, advertising works. It seems that Digicel is reporting selling ONE MILLION cell phones in Haiti. They celebrated by giving ten of these four wheelers away. Out of ONE MILLION Digicel owners, guess who is now the proud owner of this toy? That's right. Zach. Doesn't that just burn?The other nine winners were not expatriates. Which is probably a good thing. But, it was a totally random drawing.
They also cut a large check (part of the prize) for this large man ...

Even more entertaining than seeing Zach win this; is the 4-wheeler itself. It comes with a box on it that has 20 plug-ins for people to charge their cell phones. It makes perfect sense in the land of not so much electricity, but it's still funny. So, when you're in town and your hotel is without electricity and you really need a charge on your phone ---- you know where to go for help. Call him on his Digicel and meet up with him on his 4-wheeler. He's easy to spot.

Congratulations Zach. You were a winner to us looooong ago. It's nice that Digicel recognizes it too.