Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nonsensical Start

Ludicrous. Not the rapper. This situation.

A message was delivered early, it went like this, "Troy, if you want to negotiate further, please appear at my home at 8am, otherwise I will see you with a judge at 10am."

Troy's response: See you at 10am.
Remember this post about the airport. See, the puffing out your chest and posturing spills over to all situations. The problem for this particular ex-employee, is that Troy understands that it is all show-business.
It is now 10:45 am. No judge has appeared. No surprises there. In Haitian-time we're still at least 10 minutes to Wapner.
We're tired today. The smallest two children in this house made sure that we were up every few hours all night. I admit to some very poor parenting around 4:30am. Phoebe had just gone back to sleep after being up for 90 minutes. I laid down and fell asleep instantly. At 4:32 Noah started calling "Maaaaaa, I want to get uuuuup."
'OH, hayy--uuhl no you aren't!' - went through my head. I got up, went to his bed and offered him a million dollars to go back to sleep. He doesn't know a good offer when it smacks him up-side the head so he said "Noooo Ma, I want to GET UP!"
That is when I switched into high gear and brought out the fail-safe negotiating tools. "Noah, I will bring you M& M's and lemonade if you go back to sleep for awhile."
The deal was done. We slept from 4:34am until 6:15am. The melted chocolate on his bedding is just collateral damage that can be dealt with in the laundry room later.
oh - 10:57 - Wapner is here. gotta go.