Thursday, January 04, 2007

MN Bound - They're Off

(Updates below in red)

The New Joy group got off without incident, we see on the AA website that they will soon be landing in Miami. We were sad to see them go but happy knowing that Tara's dad and Tina & Matt are all planning trips between now and April.

A few things ...

1. A friend of Paige, the son of a lady that works here at Lifeline is very ill. He has been for many days. We ask that you pray God's healing touch on him. His name is Frantzler. Update: He is doing a little better. Paige visited him last night and things seem to be improving.

2. Britt's second semester books seem to be lost in transit or something. If they do not arrive in MN today we have no bright ideas about how to get them down here until February 7th when the next team comes. Pray we figure out a option that gets them here for the start of second semester, January 22. If you read this and are coming here before January 22 please let us know if you might be able to carry books to us. Britt's books were located and delivered last night to her friend who arrives Friday afternoon. THANK YOU BEV V! Thanks for those that replied with offers to help, problem has been solved. :)

3. Safety for the MN group today. They'll travel until after midnight by the time they reach their doorsteps. As far as we can tell, everybody made it home safely.

4. For us to find a Haitian friend, now living in the USA, that knows how to find Hope's birth-mother. It is just a matter of tracking him down, pray he reads his email and responds with the information we need. Addendum- Prayers for the person that goes to Cite Soleil to look for them.

5. Pray for God's clear direction and provision as we plan for the year ahead, and that we would trust Him with all that is uncertain.


6. Let us know how we can pray for you.