Monday, January 22, 2007

Maybe my favorite photo ever...

Tonight Hope and Noah crashed hard and early, so before bed-time Ike got a chance to hang with us and love on his new baby sister. Isaac is easily the most joyous child I've ever met. He EXUDES enthusiasm and has a zeal for life. He keeps telling me he really-really-really loves his new sister. Look at this photo. I believe him.

We forgot to share his initial reaction with you. The VERY FIRST thing he said when he saw her, "Ohhhh, (long pause) She's brown!?!?" (perplexed)

I guess he was expecting something different. We really think he has no idea how it all works, and we think that rocks. Oh to be so simple. Wouldn't life be easier that way?

Before I crash too, I will share the small moment of excitement in our day. I was down checking in on the two school girls and their progress. Their rooms are faaaar away from the main part of our house. Isaac came bolting into Britt's room where we were chatting and said "Come see come see, I blew up a match!" Confused by his choice of words, we quickly decided to trust the urgency in his voice, and sure enough, he had a decent sized fire going in the kitchen drawer. The fingernail clipper kit is all melted into a mass of plastic and some paper was on fire too.

After we got it out, like a dummy, I asked him how he did it. He picked up the match book and demonstrated how to strike a match- proficiently I might add.

In this instance, it is extra-good to live in a cement home.
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