Friday, January 19, 2007

An Open Letter to My Father

Note to the masses: Lest you fear that this blog will become the ALL Phoebe blog ... fear not. We will return to things non-Phoebe very soon. Really. We will.


Dear Dad,
I've always known you love me. Then, we saw the way you agreed to love Troy after he proved himself worthy. ;-) And of course, I've always known you love all my kids. As fast as the kids come, you keep up and take it all in stride.
We're fairly sure you know that we love you too.
When we think about the ways we can make you FEEL our love, especailly from such a distance; we consider the Five Love Languages described by Gary Chapman. And because we know that your ultimate love-language is the yet-to-be-named SIXTH love language, known as politics; we offer you proof of our undying affection.

You see, we are always looking out for you Dad. We have done our part to help you out in the 2024 elections. Do you feel it now? The love. No need to thank us. It is just one way we can give back to you.

For obvious reasons, we're not guaranteeing anything from these two. But you can count on Phoebers in '24.

So, let it be known: We love you.

Sincerely and Truly Yours,

Troy and Tara