Sunday, January 07, 2007

Senk Bagay de Britt

(Britt's 5 things you never knew)

1) I recently found out that I am 1/16 Jewish.

2) I have had the chicken pox twice. I also had Hepatitis A and had an ultra-sound of my liver. That was pretty interesting.

3) At one time in my life, I was practicing and taking lessons for three different instruments. Those were piano, cello, and percussion. I still play piano and I still own a cello. (Well, my parents do.)

4) I golfed at the southernmost golf course in the United States of America. It's in Brownsville, Texas and there are signs that say 'don't hit balls over the border.' [Of course we did it anyway]

5) I've met two of my closest friends in the last year - as a direct result of moving here. :)

I tag - Tina, Grandpa Porter, Lori, Licia & Kelsi