Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kid Quotes & Other Good Things

Isaac and Hope often seem like an old married couple. They bicker and Hope corrects Isaac a lot and is generally the power-side of the partnership.
It is fun to listen in on them when they really get going. Tonight they were sitting by Phoebe and discussing things with each other.
Isaac- I think Phoebe is happy to be in this family with me. With us.
Hope- Of course she is Isaac. (insert Duuuuh voice)
Isaac- (to Phoebe) Guess what Phoebe, guess what? You never got to go to the beach before, you never got to find a starfish, you never ate at the beach, you never went to a big hotel. Guess what? Now you get to."
Hope- Isaac. (long indignant pause) She doesn't know what a starfish is!
Isaac- But she will! I can teach her.
Then they sang to her. A made up song with the tune of "Jesus loves the little children," only this song was "Jesus loves the little Phoebers. All the Phoebers of the world..." It was lovely. Not terribly original, but lovely.
Isaac lost his first tooth today. He is waiting on the tooth fairy. Earlier this evening there was a tap at the gate and Hope said "Is it the tooth fairy?" We've got five Haitian dollars set aside for the tooth, if we can find it. The tooth has been moved forty-seven times today.
We don't have many baby photos of Hope down here (just two) - but I laughed when I looked at this photo on her passport. She was about 12 lbs here -- the same weight as Phoebe right now. Basically, Phoebe is Hope with hair.

Our best news of the day... Today, for the first time, we noticed Phoebe responding to us when we made noise. We cannot explain it, except that a lot of you are were praying for her and she has now been here two weeks ... something clicked today. She smiled at us more, she turned her head for noises, she even startled when she was falling asleep and Troy made a noise. We're so excited! Thank you Lord!
Before I go to bed so I can be chipper at 3am --- I want to address Troy saying that I would want him to spend a little time in jail.
I don't know why he would say that.
Except for this reason --- OF COURSE I want Troy to spend a few hours in jail. How often can a missionary say they went to jail? Come-on. That would be one for the books people. It's not like I want him to stay for days or weeks --- just a few hours. ;-)
The goofy accuser is off his rocker now anyway. He made himself look wacko today when the judge was here. The chip on his shoulder goes way back. Most of it is just being unloaded on Troy, even though Troy's part in it is small.
The entire village and the next village over all know about it. One of the ladies came to chat with Britt today and told her "Your dad is not going to jail --- that guy is crazy!" Then she went on to tell Britt all the details, she even knew what the guy is asking for ... the rumor mill is alive and well here.
One of our employees said "I hear you were summoned to appear in court next Tuesday." Troy was like, "*I was*??? I had not heard that." They seem to know everything, so we're guessing that tomorrow the summons will come for next Tuesday.