Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Continued - Part 2

Krispe came after Willman. (His last name is not Kreme & the correct pronunciation is : Kreespay) We took off his unna boot yesterday. The ulcer is now the size of a dime. I found a picture from the first time he ever came, April 27. (Photo is below on the left, at that time it was a very large open wound.) It is awesome to see how far he's come. God is good all the time.

His attitude continues to be happy. We invited him to church but he didn't come yesterday because of the rain; he lives about a 30 minute walk from us in Barbancourt. Please pray that we have more opportunities to invite him to church & that others respect him more than ever. Krispe is similar to a leper in this society. People have never respected him ; he in-turn didn't respect or care about himself. He is a great guy, and is continuing to gain respect for himself. The smile on his face every time we've removed the unna boot and seen the change is one of my favorite things ever. I promise on a future blog to have a picture of that smile. But for now, here is the ulcer as of yesterday. (Photo to the right.) He will come everyday; we are trying a thing given to me by Lori called a silvercel pad, to soak up the stinky stuff that leaks out of the ulcer. The dark pigment is coming back in & it is so close to being done.

My last patient of the day was a 65 year old woman named Aida (ayeeda) Bozor and probably the cutest little old lady ever. She is the grandma of someone we know. She was suprisingly tough. She cut her heel in a motorcycle accident. I started by cutting off all the dead skin, than cleaning out the little rocks and then stitched the real cut. The big area was just where the top layer of her skin was scraped off (well I cut it off but it was detached already). The deep cut wasn't really all that deep at all, and I debated on whether or not to stitch it but I decided to because of its location. My spacing kind of stunk but I will get over it somehow.