Sunday, August 20, 2006

Must Sleep

I should be sleeping, but instead I am messing around reading blogs. I came across this post and liked this lady and her moxy. I know lots of you are from the world of adoption so I thought you might appreciate these thoughts. I did.

I miss Troy-boy. I am ready to go home now. I did not find my wedding ring yet. I have six more days for it to appear. Until then, see my new sterling silver band to serve as a TEMPORARY replacement. I gotta find it.

All three kids are going to church with me at our home church, we are excited. Then PF CHANG'S belated birthday lunch ... WOOT WOOT. I have been thinking about it all day. Sorry Troy. I should have warned you not to read this post. I will eat extra Kung-pow Chicken for you. Travel to church safely. I love you and miss you.

Have a good Sunday, be blessed.