Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wednesday in Brief Review - from MN

Weird, random tears for no particular or identifiable reason ... that was Wednesday in MN. Did Wal-Mart-to complete the last of the list of stuff to bring home, lunch with Britt and friends, home to pack and weigh bags, then to ladies Bible Study where Britt and I were honored to see lots of church friends and share a little about Haiti.

If you stand on a scale with a bag in front of you, the scale reads "error" but if you put it on your head, it will give you a weight. Other than the neck issues and subtraction problems it caused, it was a excellent method. Five of eight bags are packed and weighed. School books really mess with your ability to keep bags under 51 lbs.

Britt and her friend Brit (Britt Squared) at lunch. We ate at our (B & T both worked there) former employer - it is way better being the patron than the server. Woot.

New Joy Church Chicks- (NJCC)

Do your pastor and his wife ride a honkin motorcycle? (Our pastor can beat up your pastor.) He does take it out of the garage sometimes too. (Troy, I took this photo for you! Are you happy?)