Monday, August 21, 2006

Thoughts on Monday from MN

This has nothing at all to do with Haiti. It is just a sad story worth thinking about and contemplating the greater meaning behind it.

A nice lady, who I have never met in person, sent a box for Hope and Isaac from PA to my parents house so I could take it home on Saturday. (THANKYOU!)

But, the box did not end up at my parents house. It was addressed correctly - yet it ended up about a mile from their house. The people called to tell us they had it.

On Sunday my mom drove to try and find it while I was gone with friends. She had the wrong address and came home empty handed. Today, we called the folks again and asked for their address one more time so we could try again to go pick up the box.

The wife had mentioned to my mom that they had been getting lots of boxes of stuff that belonged to their son. Their son had been killed in December in Iraq. She figured the mailman just grabbed a stack and did not notice that one of the boxes was not for them.

When we found their house today I hopped out to greet the man. They had a Marines flag flying under their USA flag. Knowing about their loss, I didn't think I should just grab my box and go.

I said "My mom told me that you lost your son in December in the war, I am so sorry." He instantly started telling me about the loss, his son, and offered up the fact that "my wife and I are not doing too well." It was heartbreaking. His son was 35. He is a sad and proud dad. He shared other details in our brief five minute encounter in his driveway.

I left his driveway and cried on and off for the rest of the afternoon. I just kept thinking about how I don't think my box ended up over there on accident and I don't think the guy shared all that info with a stranger for NO reason. I am not sure what my part is yet. I know that I feel it is important to pray for these people, they lost their son right before Christmas and the rest of the world has moved on while they still mourn.

I am linking here to the Obituary. Even if a few of you would join me in praying for this sad and still hurting mom and dad ... who knows what God might do with our prayers.

There is a resounding theme in the last few days. Here it is...

Love will change the world.

That is a portion of the sermon I heard Saturday night at Open Door. It is the conversation I had with Erik and Nik on Sunday. Politics will never change the world. They just won't. Money will never change the world. It just won't. Reaching out to hurting people and loving them in their hurt COULD change the world.

I used to very purposefully not talk to people, I wanted to stay focused on my own problems and not reach out. I also did not want to tell them about me, in case they were going to judge me. HOW LAME! That really sucked. I think we are surrounded by people who just need someone to listen to them and love on them. You don't have to have solutions to reach out. It is okay to simply say "I'm sorry you hurt."

The least I can do is write these parents a note, tell them that their son did a brave and good thing for all of us, tell them that I am sorry and pray for their healing. I have no idea if they believe in God or where they stand. I just know they are hurting, like so many others around us.
There comes a time to take your eyes off your own problems and SEE what is happening across the street, or in the next cubicle, or on the other side of the world. -Tara