Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Conversations with the Haitian Sensations

Posted by PicasaThis morning I sat down with Hope and Isaac to tell them that I will be thinking of them constantly, loving them from afar and praying for them while I am away. Lastly, I added that I will be shopping for them. That's when their eyes lit up. (Love and Prayers are not all that interesting to four year olds ... but SHOPPING...that's another story.)

Isaac- (insert loud hyper voice) You are shoooooping? For me?
Me-Yep, I am, what should I look for?
No thinking, immediate answer...
Isaac-A boy computer, so I can check my emails from Lisa.
Me-A "boy" computer?????
Isaac-Like daddy's! (He means a laptop)
Me-Ooookay, what else?
Isaac-Mote control cars, mote control trucks. Like the mote controls I had in Zimmerman.

Me-Hope, what should I look for for you?
Thinks for a minute...
Hope- (insert tiny little mousey voice) A purse
Me-Okay, is that all?
Hope-With gum in it.

So, I am going to need to spend about $1,000 to meet Isaac's request, and $10 to meet Hope's. That seems fair. ;-)