Friday, August 18, 2006

Health Update

So, we came to MN for lots of reasons. One was to get Britt and Noah checked over at a specialist who has spent time in Haiti and "gets it".

The GREAT news is that everything checked out okay. The specialist we saw was really detailed and he thinks she had Dengue Fever ... results on that won't be back for a while. Britt had a positive Strep Throat culture Tuesday.We are still trying to solve Noah's rash. Hoping to get a skin biopsy done yet next week.

After I left Dunn Brothers (my previous post) I ran into a friend at Target, or she found me there I guess. While chatting with her I felt Noah heating up. I took him to urgent care. He has strep.

I got home to my mom's house and Paige emailed saying she went to the Dr. and she has strep. Lovely. Three out of three ... so now I have phantom throat pain. Ack. Blah. Boo.

Nice country you have here ... filled with germs. (wink)

Here is the thing striking me right now --- This is the land of vast prosperity and multiple solutions and choices.

Noah had a fever at 2pm and at 3:15 the problem is solved and I have medicine in my hands for him. I could have taken him to one of 15 clinics in a five mile radius. I have a credit card with the ability to spend money at a Doctor and a pharmacy. The pharmacy had the medicine on hand. Crazy.

Britt said yesterday in a moment of deep thought "This IS the land of plenty." --- She was staring at the rows and rows of medicine and medical supplies at the pharmacy we were in.

The contrast is so shocking. How one place can have so stinking much and not even know it and one place can have so little and not even know it ... it's one of those things that I cannot line up in my little brain ... it makes no sense to me.

Off to love on my little fever boy. Please pray that eveyone's antibiotics kick in soon and that they can have fun and be healthy the rest of our stay here. More later.