Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cool Godincidence

Just got off the phone with Isaac. In his wise old way he said "16 sleeps takes a loooong time, but now there is only 2 sleeps left."

A minute ago we received an exciting package that I will be bringing to Troy-boy.

The story goes like this-

Troy loves photography, used to mess around with it a bit when he was younger. Our April mission team brought a professional photographer (Scott Tanner) and that led Troy to stay up nights with Scott talking cameras, computer software, and all of that geeky stuff.

After Scott left Troy said "I would LOVE to buy a Nikon D70 someday." We then had a conversation about how expensive that camera is and after a lot of back and forth we both agreed that was a way far off wish, not something we would be able to do anytime soon. That was the end of wishing for a fancy camera.

Until, Ann showed up to visit us in Haiti in mid May. Ann adopted a little boy who used to be in the same room as Isaac in the orphanage. Ann is also into photography. This led to more photography geek discussions. Troy shared with Ann that he covets the Nikon D70 and she said "I have one I am not using, you can have it." That is the box that arrived today.

Troy has instructed me on how I am to lovingly carry it to him, protecting it with my life and Noah's life if need be. ;-) It is all very cool and very God.
Paige has a new T-shirt that says "Coincidence - When God chooses to remain anonymous."