Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pray by Number

Isaac praying today-

"Dear Heveannny Fader- Please be with us and help us to be good and help us to be a family and help us to be good. And be with number 16. I love her so much. And number 11, I love her too. Oh, yeah and number 31 please be with him."

(At this point we figured out that we no longer have names and instead are going by a number that corresponds with our age.)

"Lastly, be with 34 too Lord, she is my best friend. I love her."

Isaac is very into numbers right now. We worried that he would never get it, but now he is obsessed. (You know, that thing when you are worried that your kid is behind.) Our worries were premature. At least ten times a day we have a big discussion about numbers. Like what comes after 24 -- and then he might hold up two fingers on one hand and five on the other and say "twenty-five" ---- he is done dealing in one through ten ... he is on to the big stuff now.

Send him a note with your age and he might pray for you too. ;-)