Saturday, August 12, 2006

Short Report

Our time in Iowa has been really great. The speaking went well. If I had been told there would be 500 people at the banquet I would have had a major Haitian Hapiness attack, but I did not know it until it was too late so it all worked out. I also got to do a more informal thing with a smaller group.

Tons of both sides of my family are here, that has been fun!

Today we met Dr Jen Halverson and Greg and Marcia Erickson ... they have a ministry in Haiti called Providence Kids. We met them through our blog but then really connected and felt like friends. Jen has been helping Britt along with Lori, with the medical stuff. Today was the first time we met face to face. We were a little nervous, it is a weird thing to meet someone after "talking" on line for months. It was SO fun, they are way cool and we hope we can see them one more time before we return to Haiti.

I am waiting to hear from Troy that all is well with he and the kids. (HINT HINT)

Off to Saturday night service. Hugs and Love to all.