Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weather News

Hurricane Ernesto appears to be hitting the south-western tip of the island. Haiti is shaped like a "U" laying on its side. We live in the bottom of the U. On the map to the right we live in the blue area looking out at the small (blue) island that lies in the opening of the sideways U. That means Ernesto is not really hitting us - it has just caused a full day of rain. It is uncommon to have an entire day of rain here. It usually only rains in the evening. But today it rained all day.

Current temperature is 78 degrees. It is cool and breezy. For Haiti it is goofy and unusual weather. A nice way for those of us who spent two weeks in air-conditioning to ease back into reality.

We spent the day unpacking, playing with new things (read: Troy has not put down his new camera in like six hours) and organizing. MOM, you should see how cute the kitchen curtains look. It was worth carrying those dumb curtain rods on two airplanes. Totally worth it.