Friday, August 18, 2006

Looking for Ideas

Not totally desperate yet, but searching through the cabinets I found the following items:

Ignoring the dust, I began to contemplate menu possiblilities. So far, I've made tuna salad, using whatever I felt like in the refridgerator. For the record, worcestershire sauce is an excellent touch. I'd like to say I got it right the first time, but it was a little heavy on the mayo, so I had to add some tuna. Like two more cans. Sorry, Mom, I should have paid more attention in Home Ec.

I figure the canned ham would fry up nicely with some eggs, but here is the real problem...

What to do with the corned beef? Don't even tell me to make Reubens, because Rye bread, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese aren't exactly readily available. I am especially drawn to this item due to it's name brand: Dutch Colony. Having married into a very Dutch family, I have a whole new appreciation for all things from Holland. But if you look closely, this Dutch Colony corned beef is a "Product of Brazil". Didn't realize Brazil was a haven for those of Dutch descent. Who knew?

Don't worry, I am actually feeding the children normal food. The employees here are worried however...they keep bringing me bowls of rice and beans from the canteen and offering to cook us dinner. I'll probably take them up on the dinner one of these nights...

I just hope they can use the canned corned beef. After all, it is "with juices" according to the can.


PS- Does it usually come in a can? I obviously have no idea. And perhaps have no business in the kitchen.

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