Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Music To Read By...

Just felt like a song today...and figured the previous posts contained enough to read for this morning at least. We're heading for Pierre Payen this afternoon, a town about an hour up the coast from us. Our friends Chris & Leslie who run a mission called Clean Water for Haiti, just returned from their wedding and honeymoon in Canada. We're going to pay them a visit, and the kids might get to take a little swim in the ocean.

I've also got to make a stop and buy diesel for the generator. We're currently still using our old small generator that was rebuilt. The new one is hung up in customs, and may take another couple of weeks. We've got a system worked out now with the old generator for charging the batteries and pumping water, but it's so underpowered that we're really going through diesel fast. About twice as fast as we should be.

Tara and the kids are doing well, running between appointments and scheduled appearances all over the Twin Cities now. I hope they can get some rest. Praying for protection and blessings on their trip.