Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We're Out

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Britter, Paige, Noah and I are headed north 2,600 miles. We will be there until August 25. I plan to check in with you on the blog if I find time between loving on our new nephew, hugging our friends/family and drinking massive quantities of milk.

Troy is the blogmeiser anyway, he just needs the pressure of my absence to get him writing. He'll be here working and Hope and Ike will be his side-kicks while we are away. Noah was not supposed to come to MN ... but then we used the rational side of our brains and realized that Troy could accomplish ZERO if Noah stayed in Haiti.

Isaac got over asking if he was going to MN and now just wants to know that before he is 17, we will take him back. Random? That word best describes our boy. He pretty much admits I can buy my way out of leaving him with a new "mote" control car.

Hope is the most domesticated 4 year old ever, she says she will cook and clean for the boys. She loves doing dishes, so that is covered. She has also taken to using the word "literally," only she uses it wrong, and no one here is going to correct her because it is too cute. Last night, when Noah asked me to blow on his pizza and cool it off, she said "Yeah Noah, mommy can do that for you. Literally." Ha, love that.

It is sad to leave them for two full weeks but it will all be fine (that is what I keep telling myself) and we can chat by instant message daily. I hate to seperate from my Haitian Sensations. I can do it. They will be fine. I can do it.

We are headed North to accomplish many important objectives. Then there are sub-goals as well; not important enough to get on a plane, but once you are there you may as well kill a flock of birds with one stone.

  • Get Britt registered & organized with her High School and Northwestern College and pick-up her 11th grade curriculum.
  • Get Paige's 6th grade curriculum - it sits waiting patiently for her attention. She is hoping it does not make it onto our flight back.
  • Both girls will spend time with their other families. Their biggest reason for going.
  • Speak at (gulp) and attend the Okoboji Lakes Bible and Missionary Conference in IA.
  • Meet our brand new NEPHEW - COUSIN
  • Britt (and Noah) will both see a Tropical Disease specialist. Britt to be cleared of all Denga-Phoid and be sure that she will not become the next Thyphoid Mary.
  • Noah, because he just cannot kick this rash ... the boy walks around saying "my butt hurts." Ten weeks seems plenty long to have a rash. We plan on solving this.
  • Buy preschool curriculum for the other kids - we want them to be smart too.
  • Get massive amounts of supplies to bring back - stuff that is hard to find in Haiti
  • Attempt to find my wedding ring that has been lost since December. There, I said it. That makes it real. Ugh. Tummy ache. I gotta find it. :-(
  • Have Mom and Dad take me to PF Chang's - eat until it hurts - a different kind of tummy ache.
  • See as many friends as possible
  • Attend our home church, New Joy Evangelical Free
  • Make sure all Grandma's and Grandpa's get enough Noah to last em' a long while
  • All of us get our teeth cleaned. Troy's mom hooked us up. :-)
  • Lots of boring, insurance, banking, government office junk.

I am hoping we are so busy that we don't even have time to miss Troy, Hopie and Ike. Seems unlikely. Wwwwwhhhhyyyyy did I choose 16 days back in May when we planned this????

Please pray for them & for safety for all. Thank you!

Hugs and Love - Be Blessed,

We're Out