Friday, August 18, 2006

Odd Feelings, Odd Day

Hey Friends-
I am sitting at Dunn Brothers Coffee -- one of my favorite spots and my favorite place to get totally ripped off. $4.75 for a cup of coffee? Why not.

Today I had a FREE large frozen coffee card in my wallet ... sitting there since January when we cleared out of here ---- and there was no way I was not stopping in to redeem my free coffee. I am Dutch. Dutch people don't let free things pass them by. Not ever.

Noah is sitting next to me eating a banana. He keeps telling me "this is not my home mama." I think I have confused the poor boy. He recognizes things but he does not necessarily find it "home."

We just left the house we own and lived in for six years prior to moving to Haiti. Our renter is out of town so I thought I would go and try to find some clothes for the boys in the hand-me-down boxes. HA! What a nightmare. I need to post a photo of the storage room for you to get a picture of the ridiculous method of our madness. I forgot how stacked it was and I really needed more muscle to get to some of it. Oh well.

I did find a couple summer shirts in the next size up for Isaac, I found Troy's guitar and got Paige a bunch of books she wants to bring to Haiti. (Thank you Todd and Nichol for the wonderful hand-me-downs for Isaac, we appreciate it.)

This may be abnormal ... and if it is oh, well.

I feel sad.

I forgot how cute my house is. I did a very nice job painting and decorating it. (If I do say so myself.) It is a warm and inviting place. (Except for the storage room.) I did not know I missed my house until I saw it and wandered around looking at the rooms. Three of my babies came home to that house. It is the majorist (not a word, I know) purchase Troy and I ever made together. I love the things it represents. I wish I had not gone there. The Dutch in me forced me to go find free shirts --- was it worth it? Now I feel all weird and displaced.

The girls are off for some time with their dads. So Noah and I are on our own for the next few days. We better leave the coffee place and go do more errands.

We love you all.

Tara & Noah/Jack-Jack

PS- Troy ... all canned meat is nasty. Don't do it. Why do you think it has dust on it? Save that for the guests. ;-) I miss you guys.