Monday, August 21, 2006

Progress? No, not really.

This is the "storage room" in the basement of our house. It is/was the worst bedroom in the house. Small and cold and dark, and the only one downstairs.

It used to be Paige's room, then it became Noah's room. Once when we first moved in, it was Britt's room. We never had Hope or Isaac down in the basement ... it is some sort of reverse discrimination against the Blancs I guess?

In the photo to the left you will see what I saw when I arrived in Zimmerman. You will understand why I curled up in a little ball on the floor and rocked myself as I cried. ;-) After I cried I worked.

See all the changes I made? See how organized it is now? ha

In photo to the left there is wallpaper border showing and Britt's strange blue paper mache light thing is mid-room. There is a box with a black crate on top of the TV.

In photo to right it is stacked higher and a stand-mixer is on the TV instead of the box. Britt's blue light is closer to the ceiling and pushed back a bit.

It only took me two hours.

Is it a mystery why I did not find my wedding ring in this room?

I have to go back before weeks-end. I have to find some compression socks for Krispe and drop off a few things. I was once in the "tight sock" business (really I was!) so I have socks there that Britt wants for Krispe.

I bet it will only take me six or eight hours to locate them.

If our renter lights a match to this room, she will be doing us a huge favor.