Friday, August 04, 2006

Down with Algebra II - Done with Algebra II

By Britt-

This is my Algebra II teacher. He exists only when I hit "play" on the DVD player. Which is only when I am desperate. He is very 1990. (If you go by photographs of my family from the year I was born.)

This is me watching my Algebra teacher last week. I am a very focused student.
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It is really weird when a guy on a DVD talks to you and says "Now lets hear from those students watching from home" ---- that is just odd. Does he not realize it is NOT possible to "hear from" me?

Lastly, and the true point of my post. I am FINISHED with Algebra II --- I got a 90 on the final. I'll take that. I only have English left. Five lessons, reading A Tale of Two Cities and writing one report. Please pray for my motivation to be multiplied. For real. I need to finish by August 9.

Back to English, Peace Out-