Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weird Kid Gives a Shout Out

I was just checking email quick before bed ... and had to pass on this goofy conversation Britt is having with herself (and sort of Troy since he is technically in the room she is talking to herself in.)

She sings in a high pitched voice "sutures, sutures, gauze and tape." (sort of in an Adam Sandler kind of way.) She is sitting on the floor surrounded by all of the medical stuff many of your donated ... she is calling it "her bounty."

What kid says: "YES!, four by four gauze!" ???

The kid is a freak. A loveable freak, but a freak none the less.

The freak says:
"THANK YOU - Amie S. - Heidi F. - Jen H. - Grandma B. - and Int'l Aid"
(Bring on the bleeding people)