Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Diesel Woes and Creative Solutions

The other day we left LaDigue in a hurry, forgetting we were low on gas in the truck. We needed to go quite a distance so we pulled into a two-pump gas station. Troy asked if they had diesel. The man shook his head, no, they did not have any.

The nearest place in his estimation might be Williamson, about 20 minutes the wrong direction. Troy enlisted the help of Pastor Rony who worked his Haitian magic and got the gas station guy on the cell phone. As usual, we were not really sure what was happening - we just waited because Rony told us to. In less than five minutes a guy appears from the crowded street on a bike with six gallons of diesel in his hands. Posted by Picasa

We don't know where he or the diesel came from our how the system works. It is an odd one to be sure. Either way we were pleased with the solution and went on our merry way. It is a strangely entertaining place to do even the simplest things, like getting gas.