Monday, August 07, 2006

No Crying Zone

The lady on the left is the lady I want to be. The guy on the right is who I am. Waaaaah.

Why did I think I could spend 16 days away from Ike and Hope? I am dumb. I had a little panic attack on Saturday and checked to see what it would cost to get more tickets (2.75 of the 4 we have were gifts) to fly to MN. It was a long shot. I knew that.

The flights we are on are sold out ... I did not think Hope and Isaac should fly from Port au Prince to Fort Lauderdale, to Dallas, to Minneapolis. Being four and all, that seemed like it might be a bit of a stretch for them. So, that was my answer. I have to leave them for 16 days because months ago, that sounded like a really okay idea. Ugh.

From today, until we leave, they pretty much get anything they want. Four popsicles in one sitting? Sure. Candy for breakfast, why not? Stay up till midnight ... no problem.

This, accompanied with a few other weird things, has me off today.

My little sister (who I feel quite protective of) is being induced at 7am tomorrow. I wish I could be there to squeeze her hand and cheer her on. Since I cannot I just feel nervy and fidgety on her behalf. Prayers for a safe and easy delivery of our nephew are appreciated. She is darn cute, isn't she? She also happens to be married to a very good friend of Troy's from highschool/college. It was just a bonus when they became brother-in-laws. We take the full credit due to us for introducing them. Thank you very much. We'll take credit for their offspring too... or not, that may be pushing it too far.

Then, this morning I was doing my usual two cups of coffee, check email routine when I had this strange thing come over me where I was thinking and feeling great concern for my friend Beth. It occurred to me that it was an abnormal feeling so I wrote her and asked if she was okay but also stopped and prayed specifically for her. About an hour later she wrote me back. She had been out running when gun-fire erupted. One man was killed in his car on a corner near her house. Those Holy Spirit kind of promptings always weird me out. In a good way, but still freaky. Thank God Beth is okay.

Well ... I better run and start digging a hole for the swimming pool Isaac and Hope wish they had. ;-)

Have a great evening! -Tara