Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Weather News-
According to Tropical Storm Chris is nothing to sneeze at - they're actually calling it "minimal T.S. Chris." Poor Chris, he has big dreams of making a name for himself. Now he'll just be remembered as "minimal." We did not even know of it until Lisa (who just visited) instant messaged us from NY and told us. We check news headlines, but never weather, every day is the same ... sunny and hot, checking the weather, well that seems like carrying coals to Newcastle.

It makes perfect sense though, that hurricanes and tropical storms have devastated this country in the past. With the vast majority of the population living without TV, telephone, radio, or internet, how could they possibly be forewarned? By the time they hear, it is knocking on their front door ... or the sheet that hangs in the doorway, acting as a door. The large loss of life has much to do with not knowing what is coming, and having no safe place to escape it when it does come. Sad.

We are praying that hurricane season would steer clear of this island. Not so much for ourselves, we are safe in our big block mission house, but for our friends and neighbors who live in huts that cannot possibly withstand strong winds or torrential rains.

In other news-

Britt ended her long no stitches dry-spell. She was of course pumped to see this cut might benefit from a few stitches. She actually told the guy that she thought it could go either way and that she could put a few steri-strips on it.

He said he would rather have it stitched. You don't have to tell her that twice.

We can hardly believe it is August so soon. We have just about conquered our first Haitian summer. Of course, John McHoul says it is by far the coolest summer on record. He would say that.

We are toying with some ideas for Peanut when Britt ditches her next week. It is possible that Peanut might go on a field trip to the Baby House at the McHouls, where she would be with her sister and grandmother. The option of having Dolly (her sister) come out here to keep her company has been presented as well.

The only thing we know: Troy is in for it. Yesterday Britt did her History at the Prayer Rock and Peanut let us know in no uncertain terms how she felt about not seeing Britt most of the day. How do we always end up with dogs that have emotional issues?

What Else? Uh, grasping now ...

The playset thing is almost done, the directions were as clear as mud so there were a few false starts, plus it is sort of low on the list of thing to accomplish --- unless of course you are asking Isaac, and he would tell you that it is the single most important thing on the face of the earth.

No baby news. The bun is still in the oven.

We saw Samson, we'll update you on him tomorrow.

Stay cool,

Troy & Tara