Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cute Stuff

Selah was a lot of fun. We have really enjoyed them for a few years so it was fun to see them live. Noah went on stage and "shaked his booty" it was tooooo cute. I will have to put photos up tomorrow when we get back to MN in the afternoon. He was the only little kid up there with a bunch of 5-12 year olds so it was very entertaining.

Noah is missing Troy a lot. He keeps saying "I wanna see my daddddddy." When he gets tired he says he "wants to go home" --- when I say "which home? " he says "the aero-port."

Below is a little blurb from the email Troy sent me ... to catch you up on his day. His other big news buried in a more personal part of the email, is that Isaac has made huge progress and all but learned how to ride a two-wheel bike today. Isaac proclaimed on the phone tonight "don't buy me training wheels mom!" Woot woot IKE!

From Troy-
Church was great, the kids were really good, and the music was the best yet. John and Beth are good, pretty smallish crowd at church. Had a flat tire on the way home, had to fix on the side of the road. That was fun, and a bit frustrating with the audience and the kids.

Upon arriving home, found Krispe, a little girl with a burn on her leg, a woman from church asking for money, Tipap’s oldest brother with a gripe against an employee, and a mountain of poop and pee on the porch.(Thank you Peanut.) I took care of everyone but Michel, told him no go on a Sunday.