Sunday, August 20, 2006

Saturday Night and Sunday

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Saturday night Lumen cooked a Haitian meal for us. Hope helped. Hope loves to help and be a little lady...earlier in the day she cheered with excitement when I brought out a basket of laundry to fold. Let's hope that continues. The meal was excellent, and the three of us ate with Lumen and her daughter, Roselande. Roselande also re-braided Hope's hair while they were here, which was very nice - and made Hope very happy. The menu was chicken creole, picklese (a cabbage and lime salad with a kick - I love it) Rice with Beans, and fried plantains. The plantains weren't as good as Britt's, but we had to make do. Hope, who usually eats like a bird, kept asking for food off of the other plates and looking in the empty serving dishes. I guess she likes her own cooking.

We are missing Tara and the girls and Jack very much. Only six more sleeps. Here's a song for you, honey:

Church was great today, it's filling back up now that missionaries are coming back from their summer vacations. The music was great. We had a small band today, and a great set of worship songs. Pierre, a Haitian who works with Campus Crusade for Christ, sang with us and it was great. He loves Haiti, loves to witness, and LOVES the Lord. That was fun for me.

We picked up a few groceries on the way home, then stopped in at the Tlocek's for lunch - they were having a birthday party for Byron. We ended up overstaying and overeating lasagna and having a wonderful time. (Please pray for Byron - my unprofessional but field expert diagnosis is that he has Dengue Fever, and their son Andrew currently has Malaria.)

This week will start off with a bang...I have an appointment with Eddie first thing in the morning. GREAT. He has some important paperwork for me to pick up, though, so I'll squeeze him in during my errand day in Port for the week. Pray for us as we drive around and try to accomplish much amidst a sea of people without much to accomplish.