Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Three Bloggers for the Price of One

By Tara-
Some of the very prettiest sunsets happen here.Posted by Picasa If you have a weak tummy, you need not scroll down to Britt's part of this blog. It is bad.

T minus 14 hours and we will be heading to the airport. Two year olds and flying. Sigh. Whatever the opposite of woot woot is, that is the word I am looking for.

Today, Noah made extra preperations for being as ornery as possible in the air ---- a few diet cokes, some dirt on his head --- whatever it takes to be the most hated person on flights 822 & 1880. The last swallow of diet coke -- the one that I find too warm and too flat to drink; Noah finds it perfectly acceptable. Even when said pop can has hit a trash receptacle. The boy has no shame.
By Paige-

Hello everyone,

I am all ready to go back to Minnesota, I think. This is random but one thing I don’t like is when people will ask "were are you from?" I say, "I am for Minnesota," OH, Minnessoooota. NO I don’t talk like that. OK now my random thought’s are over.

Just a couple days a go, I was talking to Hope, I said what do you want when I go to MN? She said "I want a purse with gum and stuff in it just like you do." Then I was talking to my mom, she said that she had asked Hope the same thing. My mom said that that was Hope looking up to me.

Then I was thinking that I need to be a good example , for her because chances are is that she will do what me and Britt do. Then I was like, "so mom, do you think I look up to Britt?" She said she thinks I do. I thought well not really. But then I was thinking and I do, like when I try to dress like her, and I do other stuff trying to be like her. SO I am really trying to be the best example to Hope and the boys.

By Britt-

This is the worst thing I have seen in my time here. He was chopping wood with an axe, 22 days ago, it came down on his foot. That same day he went to someone he thought would help him ... some sort of fringe doctor type person. That person gave him a shot, but no sutures. He needed sutures and he needed shoes. I asked why he did not come here, he said "I thought the white was gone." So, maybe he heard I was sick with Denga-Phoid or something. Since I am leaving tomorrow I cleaned it as best I could and told him to go to a clinic tomorrow. Then, just out of curiosity, I asked him to come back in 20 days, I gotta know what happens to this toe! No good.