Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ten Things

This blog is supposed to be about Haiti and our family ... And not much else.

But, for today, I am bored with those topics. Plus, everyone is Christmas shopping, so there are only 4 people reading this anyway.

In the blogosphere there is this odd thing were you "tag" someone to do a list. A lot of people have the "100 things about me" list. I don't have 100 things to say about me or anything. So, rather than go with what I was tagged to do, I am rebelling against 100 things and switching it to ten things I want to do before I die. Put your ten things in the comments section. Or put three things, or whatever.

In no particular order, staving off boredom with...

Ten Things I want to do Before I meet My Maker:

  1. Put and end to The Blue Man Group (the most awful two hours of my life - after I put an end to them I would like all the toilet paper they waste in their shows to be donated to public restrooms all across Haiti; where there is never t.p. available)

  2. Scuba dive (with tanks and fancy gear & stuff)

  3. Go on an Alaskan cruise

  4. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (towards the top of the list)

  5. Skydive (Not tandem)

  6. See some people I care about come to know Jesus (maybe this should have been first?)

  7. Go to the Holy Land (walk where Jesus walked)

  8. Meet my niece

  9. Learn to play golf, then beat Troy at it (no explanation necessary)

  10. Get a glimpse of what my kids will do with their God-given gifts

Haiti related-

Today is the Saturday for Pastor's Training. Troy will do a short piece of it, then he is turning it over to the famed man behind the Cazale ministry, Mr. Davis Zachary. Zach is teaching today and Troy couldn't be more excited. Once that is finished we are loading up the mini-tribe and the dog and heading to Port to get G & G. We are staying in town tonight to make tomorrow mornings church commute less horrible. We'll check back in Sunday afternoon.