Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Finely Tuned Machine

By Tara-

The machine, that is the Livesay family, worked together to get it done today. I left at 3pm, once I saw the team from Michigan was in the air. I headed to the airport to meet Troy-boy. The ladies were left with the dinner instructions. Paige helped me make lasagna before I left, then she put it in at the proper time, made beans, set the table and just generally ruled the roost. Woot woot Paige. Britt did garlic bread, took care of 8 patients, and cut up the dessert. She washed her hands in between activities. ;-)

Isaac and Noah got in the way, acted like little brothers, caused annoyances and extra work. Hope got to come to the airport with me to get the team. The springing ahead means that the 4:15 pm arrival into Haiti does not allow enough time to get to LaDigue with sunlight. We lost light about 45 minutes before home, the team is anxious for morning to look around and see the mission and the village.

Isaac and Paige dig teams. When we got here Isaac said "OH LOOK -- there is a lot of teams!!!!" Meaning, it is a big team. Goon child. He is thrilled.


If he is not nude, the boy prefers to wear a tie. Why not?

This is from a few weeks ago when the boys decided they wanted to put on dress up man clothes. Unfortunately once we got them dressed for church we decided that they looked like they were walking out of some 1980 Sears or Wards commercial ... just sort of .... trailerish. Something about two oversized shirts, clip on ties, elastic waist pants, belts without belt loops and sandals --- it just does not shout "Bloomingdale's, Marshall Fields or Talbot Kid."

We put them back into their island church clothes and headed out. They cried that we did not let them look like fools. Someday they'll thank us.
(DAD -- They may not always be the best looking -- but they always try to look their best. They learned from the best!) ;-)