Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Baby Girl News

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Last night was too soon to try and explain the deal with our baby girl. We're ready to attempt it now.

The fact that it did not go down as planned is so typical, and really, if it did go as planned we would think we were no longer in Haiti.

The one constant here is this: Do not make a plan, because Haiti does not live by your silly plans. Duh.

John called yesterday afternoon. He said our birthmother had come to see him mid-day Monday and was no longer pregnant. He asked her "Where's the baby?" She said the baby girl was born a few days ago (not sure which day yet) and that she (the baby) was with relatives. Everything went well, the baby was born at the clinic, as planned, and the delivery went off without a hitch. Yes, she still wants to place the baby with us.

Now ... It might make some break into a sweat that she took the baby home with her and did not call John immediately. But not us. It's Haiti. She just carried that baby for nine months. She's not quite ready. It's Haiti.

She planned back in 2001 to place Hope for adoption too. But she kept her for twenty-some days before she gave her to the orphanage. Having experienced all sides of the adoption story, we believe it is her prerogative to spend some time with her newborn baby girl.

Would we rather take the baby yesterday? Yes. Would we rather have the assurance that the baby is getting enough food, etc? Yes. Do we worry a little bit about the relaxed way Haitians care for babies and illness? Yep. But, it is outside of our control and we recognize that there is nothing we can do but pray for the baby and the birthmom. So, that is what we are doing. Maybe you could do the same. She is God's baby first. He loves her more then any of us, we trust He knows what He is doing.

For now, it looks like Friday will bring more answers and maybe even a baby into our arms. Rather than get ahead of God, we will wait and see. The current "plan" (idea might be a better word) is that she will work on getting the baby a birth certificate and then will come meet John on Friday.

We have chosen a beautiful name for her. Troy says (send your hate mail to him) he wants to wait until she is in our arms to share her name.

God's plans are perfect, we are anxious to see what they are, and anxious to meet our little girl, share photos, and her name. THANK YOU in advance for your prayers.


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