Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stop the Train

I am not cut out for the part of motherhood that requires letting go of your kids. Send a counselor, a straight-jacket, Kleenex and prayers.

Britt wants to make a plan for visiting a few schools next spring. I have been avoiding making a plan, and now I know why.

Every time I look at one of the colleges she is considering, I find tears running down my face. I don't think I am capable of sending her to college. It happened too soon.


Between this college stuff and Paige's sudden switch into a pre-teen grown up girl, I am feeling like I need to sllllloooooowwwww things doooowwwwnnnn.

For now, we are considering visiting Wheaton, Taylor, Bethel and Palm Beach Atlantic sometime next spring. An April or May road trip is in the works.

(Photo of Britt and her Grandpa Porter taken in August.)