Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Putting This Day to Bed

Written by Tara-

Britt will likely write about her excitement in the medical realm later. This photo is of that 17 year old with the ear growth. It was successfully removed late this afternoon. Paige found out recently that she loves assisting Britt and being the support and prayer person.

Troy and the kids working on burning trash. There is no BFI or Waste Management here, a perfect place for pyromaniacs.

Troy had to go to Port today. Here is what he has to say.

Dear Port au Prince-
Why do you hate me so much?



I guess it was just annoyance after annoyance. He will one day realize the folly of expecting anything different. He had to get tires on the truck. But they only had three. Two steps forward one step back. They think they might have the forth tire on Friday. HA. Right.

We had ordered a few things and have also been waiting on multiple packages. One of Troy's stops was Agape mail today. Target had a bad-employee day and tripled the order of some items. Instead of one package of sheets, I got three. I also got three pairs of shorts, all the same. They picked a bad customer to mess-up on, the package will wait to go back to the states with mom and dad on December 1.

UPS left a curt message yesterday that they wanted to pick up the mistake portion of the Target order, had tried once, and that they will try again by stopping at the Sarasota address tomorrow. Good Luck with that UPS and Target.

Dad -- the chemistry chemicals FINALLY arrived for Britt. She had just written her professor to drop the class, so I think she has mixed emotions about it arriving. ;-) Birdie, please don't worry yet, we believe your package will still show up, but it was not there today. Add it to the list of things not to be controlled in Haiti. The chemicals for Chemistry had been floating around for close to two months, so there is still hope. *MAIL* on the other hand, arrives in about 10 days. Which means, if you want to send Paige a birthday card, you have until November 20 to mail it. (Hint Hint)

Lastly, we got a Christian Book Distributors order that we placed a decade ago, or so it seems. Most of the fun stuff was intended to be Gotcha Day gifts. We had fun giving each kid one small gift today. Ike got a Larry shirt. Noah got a Bob shirt. (Veggie Tales) Hope got the 'Lord of the Beans' DVD. Paige got two tank tops. Britt ... she is of a different cross-section of the teen population ... She got the Condoleezza Rice Story, a book she has been wanting for a long time.


Another thing I love about Haiti, it is almost impossible to spend money on anything other than necessities. I never find myself standing in line at Target with about 12 things I had no intention of buying when I walked in. It certainly makes sticking to a budget a bit easier. Groceries, gas, and the occasional trip to the beach is it for places to spend money. (Plus, now we found that $2.00 a person deserted beach.) Yipee.


We MUST watch 'Lord of the Beans' now. (Yet another great thing about Haiti. Family time is easy to find without crazy USA running, running, running.)

Have a great night, and know that we appreciate your cyber-support!