Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I have to question the methods for determining how corrupt a country is, wouldn't places like China and Cuba be somewhere toward the top of the list. Communist nations are not corrupt???? Hummmm.

It seems silly to me, yet still disturbing. See, when we say the truth is elusive here, we are not just making it up. It really is. I hate being skeptical of what I am being told - but I usually am. That doesn't mean I will quit trying, or quit listening ... I won't ---- but it certainly is a conundrum.

Enough with things I cannot understand or change.

The plan for Tuesday includes dropping the team to the airport in the morning, getting Peanut to the ever-so-strange Veterinarian, and making it back to LaDigue early enough in the day to accomplish something. The ladies have now acquired Season 2 of LOST, so they have been promised a family night to watch episode 1 Tuesday night.

My mom and dad have not out and out said they don't love me anymore. My dad did say that if either of "our two guys" in Minnesota lose by two votes, he will be writing Troy and I out of his will. It is not a problem, he's all hat no cattle. He has forgiven me for much worse. No one can stop me from inheriting that old-man gold jewlery and the 'RP' engraved cufflinks. Do you hear me Tina? No one.

Please pray for a safe, uneventful trip home for the team from Michigan.