Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Y'ap Fe Spo

Every day during recess at school, a soccer game breaks out. For now, a basketball serves as the "foot-ball". Next week, it might be a coconut, tin-can or a rolled up ball of paper.

This morning might be the coolest temperatures in months and months. The thermometer says 82, and it is totally overcast. (A rare occurance in and of itself.) Hope just walked in with a blanket around her shoulders and said "Mom, Haiti is COOOLD."

This site says we are in for a few days of clouds, a welcome change.

Britt- When you check in, two things you should know. 1. Your dog has only punished us once so far 2. Your patients are getting decent care, seem to be improving, and nurse Paige plans to email you with the full report.