Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Chubby-Cheeked Little Sister

Dear Tina-

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and let you know that I love you and am thinking of you today.
For the most part, living here has been fun and exciting and has gone fast. The one thing missing is our daily phone calls talking about everything and nothing all at once. I miss that.
I know that you know I love you. I know that you know I love your boys and Matty. But today I want you to know that I am in awe of your bravery.
Many people have bad things happen to them, many people come out of difficult circumstances. Most of those people remain 'the victim' and stay stuck in their misery. Their lives become about what happened and they are never free from it. If ever there was someone who refused to be a victim, it is you. You live the idea that; life is less about what happens to you and more about how you respond to it. I am so proud of you. You are tough and strong and courageous. I don't know anyone quite like you.
Last year when we spent the better part of 2005 running endless training miles together, I learned so much about you and your determination. I would not trade that time for anything.
I am so thankful for you my baby sister. I respect you and I love you. Happy Birthday!
(Photo from 1977, in front of our playhouse in Nebraska)