Tuesday, November 28, 2006

American Airlines

AAAAHHHH. I must peel myself from the walls and go for a run before my nervous energy causes some sort of accident. I wish I knew if this nervousness over my girls is normal mother behavior, or psychotic mother behavior. No. I take it back. I don't really want to know.

The flight was delayed and delayed and ... finally took off 1 hr and 45 minutes late.

Britt talked my ear off for a while and they both had fun and sound happy.

Actually, there is way less stress involved once Britt is with Paige. She would plow over anybody who tried to mess with her little sister and is basically a fully functioning adult. She assured me she knew how to navigate the PAP airport in the fastest time possible, and that her dad and grandpa could expect to see them emerging from the airport before anyone else. She'll puff her chest out and act like she owns the place; the key to success in the PAP airport.

Thanks for praying for them today!