Thursday, November 16, 2006

My First Whitey

By Britt:

My mom hasn't been feeling well the last few days, struggling with headaches, dizziness and fevers off & on. So this morning we decided to do a malaria test on her just in-case. It came back positive. And some of you are probably thinking 'I thought they were taking chloroquine preventatively' but the thing is, my mom is the bomb and she took one for the team last week. We were out of chloroquine, one person had to miss it, so she didn't take her weekly-dose last week.

I am very glad it is so treatable and that the rest of us are doing well because I had another person, a son of an employee, come this morning with the typical malaria symptoms. I'll do a test for him later this afternoon. My mom did not totally believe the positive, so just to be sure that there wasn't some weird-thing going on with the tests, we tested Paige - who of course, came back negative. If you will, please pray for my mom that she recovers from this quickly. She says that she actually doesn't feel that sick (it just comes and goes) but will definitely be resting up over the next few days.
Tomorrow we hope to find out about our new sister, and when we get to go get her.
Have a great Thursday!