Wednesday, November 22, 2006

For Britt

I thought you would want to see Jen at work. She got out here with us this afternoon and had a line of four or five patients waiting for her. This was the only new one today. Jen found out that this guy opened his own abscess with a nail. She cleaned it up and opened it a bit more, we'll watch it for you until you get back. She said to tell you that the armpit abscess is almost closed up.

Paige got off okay. She should get to MN around 11 tonight, just in time for turkey dinner tomorrow. On the way to the airport she was a little teary and Isaac said "I think I should pray for Paige, is that okay?" He proceeded to offer a really smart prayer for Paige and for her to have a safe and fun time.

I have a few more photos from our day in Port, I'll post them later. Tomorrow is of course not a Haitian holiday but we will be going in to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of our American friends, we'll be with the Tlucek's, McHoul's, and Manesero's. Beth managed to smuggle a bunch of turkeys down here so we will be eating traditional thanksgiving foods right along with you. Mom, you'll be shocked to learn that I signed up to bring the rolls.

Happy Thanksgiving from Haiti!

Troy, Tara, Ike, Hope, Noah and Peanut

PS- We love you Britt and Paige, we hope you have a great day tomorrow.