Monday, November 20, 2006

For Those Keeping Score at Home...

  1. Britt made it to Mexico last night, safe and sound. (Thanks God.)
  2. No word from John M. today about our birthmother ... but then again,
  3. Port au Prince is OUT of diesel ... so tap-taps have stopped running ... which means,
  4. Troy is headed to Williamson to try and buy up all the diesel they have before it is gone so that we can run our generator and keep using lights and fans.
  5. I felt perfectly healthy all day Sunday, and even up until noon today, now I feel terrible again. Dizzy, feverish, exhausted. I took the treatment dose of Chloroquine, now what? (For real, now what should I do? Doctors, what do you think?)
  6. We are handling Britt's patients as best we can. Troy and Paige are large & in-charge.
  7. No lies here, it is tough to stay positive at times.
  8. We'll keep trying though.