Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Three high-on-sugar fools, livin it up before bedtime tonight. We had a fun afternoon with our Haiti family today and ate too much, just like all of you. Adoption friends, you'll remember teacher Susanne, she now works for John and Beth. She was at Thanksgiving today and got to see Hope and Isaac for the first time since 2002 --- it was really neat to reintroduce them to her. She looks great and has two little boys now. Her husband seems like a good guy too. Jen got out okay and was so much fun to have here. Thank you Jen for all the goodies and treats. We loved getting to know you better. You'll have to come back when Britt is here to enjoy you too.

People from MN often use a phrase that is TOTALLY acceptable, and not even recognized as wrong. John McHoul has picked up on it, and is now torturing me. When someone who sounds like John mocks your use of the English language, you've stooped to an all-time low. The guy is barely understandable, even 20 years out of Boston, he still sounds like Cliff on Cheers. I often ask, "Do you want to go with?" I have said it that way my whole life. John finds it ridiculous and is always asking me if the verse in the Bible is "Lo, I am with." When he first started teasing, I did not even get what he was teasing about because I know that no one in Minnesota would pick up on that poor grammar, it had never been pointed out to me. Never end a sentence in a preposition; except if it is 'with.'

We hope you all enjoyed a relaxing, enjoyable time with your families. Happy Thanksgiving!