Sunday, November 19, 2006

Head West Young Lady

We are off to Port for church (IN ENGLISH!!!) for the first time in six weeks. We will bail out a little early to get Britt to the airport for her flight. She will be in three countries today. She gets to Cancun at dinnertime tonight if all goes well. She is armed with a credit card, cash, cell phone(s) that work in two different countries and a fan club at the curb, asking her why she is leaving. The little boys both call her "girlfriend" and they woke up saying "Ooohhh, why is girlfriend leaving today?" They'll get over it. Peanut on the other hand...Ugh.
Yesterday, Troy and I left the mission compound for six hours all alone. We barely knew what to do sitting in a quiet restaurant with no one asking for pop, ketchup, more this, more that. No body broke a glass, begged to swim in the ocean, begged to swim in the pool, begged to go back to the ocean. It was odd. We decided maybe 10 months was too long to wait to have our first date. We are aiming to do it again in five months. After lunch we went to that cheap beach with no one on it. We read and slept and chatted. It turns out that we still really like each other and enjoy having an afternoon together.
I better go before I make us late. Have a great Sunday. -Tara