Friday, November 10, 2006


Today is the one year anniversary of the Livesay Blog. We started the blog two months before we moved. Because we have nothing new to say today, we are linking back to twelve of our favorite posts ranging from fun to serious.

12.Britt's favorite post/day
11.Eddie being Eddie/Eddy
10.A fun story from February
9. Paige's favorite post
8. An Eddie "Keep touching me man" favorite
7. Serious Thoughts
6. Airport Security Issues
5. Everybody liked this one
4. The Wedding
3. A post where we really had nothing to say
2. Bad communication break downs
1. Blogging

Wow, it was strange going back and reading the range of emotions. It's good to have this all available to our kids someday, we'd already forgotten some of the things we've been blessed to experience this year. Mostly, I was surprised at how difficult June and July were, during the dark, depressing days of Dengue. It seems like a long time ago already.

Below are some favorite photos from the last 12 months...