Friday, November 17, 2006

Checking In

So many are praying about baby girl Livesay that I wanted to quickly tell you that we don't really know anything more.
Our birth-mom did not show up for her meeting with John M. - because she lives in a dangerous area, we cannot go find her.
We will just wait on God and His answers and attempt to grow to trust Him more while we wait. It's hard, but we want His answers, not ours. Waiting times always seem to be growing times.
The Chloroquine is starting to make a difference, I managed to be awake the whole day and other then body aches, I am fine. Thanks for your concern. I expect to be completely better tomorrow.
Troy and the boys went to Port to get oil for the generator and get that 4th tire put on the truck. We wish we had exciting/happy news to share --- but when we know something, we'll be sure to pass it along to all of you, our backers.
The really cool news of the day, a kiss from God ---- I was sitting at the computer FRETTING and worrying about some travel logistics for our girls for next week. I was just kind of talking myself down and praying for peace. Literally, I was telling God "I'm sorry I get so nervy and freaky and that I don't trust you more consistently."
The phone rang and it was our friends from MN, Marcia Erickson and Dr. Jen Halverson. They had known I was not looking forward to making Paige fly alone next week when she goes to MN for Thanksgiving with her Dad. They are here, visiting the southern part of the island and switched their plans to now have the ability to escort Paige all the way from PAP to MSP. Woot to that. These are awesome people God placed in our lives. He is good like that.
It was a very direct way for God to tell me to get my crap together and trust Him.
Then, an hour later I got word that we also have a back-up person ready and standing by in Miami if our girls run into any flight delays or cancellations on the way back into PAP.
I would love to say I never worry and I never distrust God. But that is not true, I often struggle when it comes to my kids. It is an ongoing lesson for me to put them in His hands and trust Him to care for the details.
I know we each have our own problem area ... I am not the only one who doubts His provision at times. I just wanted to encourage you all that when you seek Him, He will be found and He does not turn a deaf ear to our concerns. More often then not, it is us turning away from Him.
So, as Britt flies off to Mexico (Sunday) to attend a wedding, and Paige flies off to MN (Wednesday) please keep them in your prayers. They are both looking forward to a great week with their other families, we hope the time will be blessed for all of them.
With Appreciation and heartfelt thanks,
Tara & Troy