Friday, November 03, 2006

Hey Mom - Listen to this-

I have a full dinner planned tonight, missing ZERO (count them, zero) important food groups. Better than that, at 5pm I have full command & total control of the situation and will have no problems getting dinner on the table around 6:15.

We are having-
Meat Loaf
AuGratin Potatoes (Sure, sure they are from a box, but don't tell.)
Squash (That's right, fresh vegetables.)
Garlic Bread
Cake or Chocolate Chip Cookie-Bars for dessert

I have a good feeling it will all be edible.

The only glitch is I am unsure on quantities - but we have instituted the FHB* for tonight. Once we see all people hailing from Michigan are served, the family can then eat.

*FHB = Family Hold Back