Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Stuff

It is another steamy day in La Digue. Our guests enjoyed egg bake ( Mom, am I impressing you or what?) at 5:30 am and then headed out at 6am to take Mule's up the mountain to visit a church. We expect them back around 2pm.

Yesterday Britt led the 'middle-age men' (HER terminology, not mine) up to Petit Bwa while the ladies made visits in the village. In the afternoon we made a visit to the Archaie market, painted, plumbed, worked on the electrical in the apartments and saw patients. In the evening we had a Haitian meal, all the brave souls tried goat. Later, some went up to the cross to sing and have worship time ... Troy played guitar by flashlight.

For those of you emailing asking for Baby Livesay news ... sorry, there is none yet. We are excited but trying to be patient. The bigger the baby is before it arrives, the better. Thanks for your continued prayers for the health and comfort of our birthmother and the baby.

Noah just walked up and asked for beans. Weird. But if he wants beans I better go get them.