Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Whoa. That got more introspective than I planned. Sorry. Onto the frivolous and random.

So, the more I have considered the not voting thing, the more I think I/we made a mistake. Obviously, I cannot undo it now. I just wish I had been more farsighted instead of just saying "I am busy, I don't know what is going on in MN, I have a baby coming, yada yada yada, and maybe later I will research the situation." Just when I think I'm all grown up --- it turns out I am not. I am not sad I missed all the jerky commercials and mud-slinging. But I still should have spent five minutes to vote. Sorry. For real.

We had Peanut in the back of one truck on the way in to the airport this morning. Steve and Carl got to ride with her doginess for two hours. It was all for naught. The gloveless Veterinarian had office hours today; they were from 3pm-6pm. We were thinking more along the lines of 10:30am. Haitian convenience at its best. Peanut enjoyed seeing the team off but did not have an opportunity to enjoy a gloveless butt exam or any shots. We'll try again later this week. The bummer is, we ramped up for the event. Troy had his camera, I had the little tiny video camera ... we were going to do an undercover report on the hazardous/disgusting conditions found at a Haitian Vet's office ... complete with Roteweiller maulings and feces-covered pens. Now the world may never know.

Tina, this morning at 6am Troy woke me up to get me to stop bawling. I was dreaming you died and I was crying (real tears) and generally freaking out in my sleep. It was really scary. Please don't die. I need you. I love you. I miss you. You can even have Dad's 'RP' engraved cufflinks. And the gold jewlery. I love you that much.

We grabbed our mail on the way back to the mission. A fellow missionary picked it up on Saturday. It appears four boxes are in customs, making their way slowly to us. As soon as we have them we will let all of the concerned parties know. I opened the mail to find that I have been given a notice to appear in court for the parking ticket I received in Minneapolis on September 17. Apparently I parked in front of a fire hydrant and the 21 days I was given to pay the ticket has long since elapsed. I was offered a chance to pay by November 3, or appear in court. I was driving a Ford.

The only thing is, I was not in the country on September 17 and I do not own a Ford. And November 3 is done and gone. I bet if I would have taken the time to fill out my absentee ballot - none of this would have happened. At the very least, the people I voted for would be able to prevent this hellacious false ticketing from happening to any other innocent American ever again. Ack.

Looking ahead, our next visitor is a new friend, Dr. Jen. She is just spending a few days here, arriving November 20. Then, if Mom and Dad are recovered from the disappointment I have caused they will arrive November 25. I could cry thinking about it. It is going to be great. They will be here to celebrate Paige's big 12th B-day - which leads me to a shameless solicitation of cards for Paige.

Our Sarasota address at the left of the blog is perfect for getting regular old mail ... like bills, and parking tickets. Thanks for that Agape. But, it also means that if you wanted you could send our girl a birthday card and she would have a stack of cards to open when she gets back to Haiti after Thanksgiving with her dad in MN. To a 12 year old that is big stuff. Her birthday is at the end of the month if you have time to shoot a card her way, I know she would have a blast getting a lot of mail. She is almost 12, I could cry, but I won't. Not right now anyway.


Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.
-Helen Keller