Friday, November 03, 2006

Visiting Charity

A while back a lady in PA saw a photo of this old guy below on our blog. She wrote and asked if she could send him a care package, as she could not get him out of her mind and felt that she should send something.

It took a month for the package to get here. Then it took a couple weeks to find the old man. He is also photographed up close in a blog entry from earlier this week. He has his straw hat on in the previous photo too.

Troy went down to his house and got to go inside and talk to him a bit. We had high hopes that we would connect with him and maybe invite him to church. But Troy and Rony found he was not too interested and was more just curious why the white was showing up at his house.

Here is what Troy wrote when reporting in to the lady who sent the package:

It was a very interesting experience...His name is Charity, he has no idea how old he is. He told me he remembers when he was eight, but after that, he's not sure. His sickness we heard about was/is prostate trouble, which I guess he's had for years - and he's taking medication for it so he must be seeing a doctor somewhere. He was very happy about the food, and asked if he could share it with his family.

He seems like a nice man. We explained to him that this was a gift from someone who saw his picture and was moved by the Holy Spirit to help him. I'm not sure he totally understood. I told him that he might not know God, but God knows him, and cares for him...and that the gift you sent was an example of that. Hopefully somewhere, sometime, that will strike a chord.

Unfortunately, he seemed somewhat indifferent about all of that when we were there. The funny thing, he asked what our license plate numbers were so he could play the number in the lottery, he had just dreamt that good luck was coming his way. He figured we were it!!

Overcoming silly superstitions and generations of miseducation or total lack of education seems to be the biggest challenge. At any rate, keep praying! Thank you again for your support and prayers.


Today the visiting team will work on a few different projects again. The biggest hope is that by the end of the day the medical clinic will have water. Nate is the man behind that project if you want to pray that he finds all he needs and has success today. The other guys will work on planning and begining to run electric. I have been passing your comments and notes along to the team.

Paige and Britt are glad it is Friday, one more day of school work. Doing school is tough when there are so many fun and exciting distractions. Britt is having trouble keeping up with Chemistry, we still have not been able to get many of the things she needs for her labs. She is also re-applying to Northwestern College for next semester, she is choosing classes over the next few days. Her application will go back to the states with the MI group. Pray that all of this goes well for her. Thank you.

Last night Hope fell and nailed her tooth hard enough that is a bit loose. It bled a lot at first and the panicked crying reminded me a lot of last Thursday night. She was quick to say "It is gonna be alright Mama. It is okay." I think she was just making sure we had no bright ideas about holding her down and sticking needles in her mouth. I am guessing the tooth might turn brown and die, at least it is a baby tooth. Jamie --- We think we should take out the little 7 stitch cut at the top of her leg. What do you think? The big one is not ready but the little one looks ready.

Well, we better get the day on the road. Have a great Friday. Here's hoping for 78 degrees and no humidity for the team. A girl can dream, can't she?